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It is my hope that each of you are continuing to stay healthy.  With COVID test positivity below 3% and the general case numbers in Florida dropping substantially, the outlook for the future seems to be improving each and every day.  I miss seeing many of our families in person in our new Church and hope to see you soon.  
Below is an update on our progress as we near the end of the year and the end of this six-year journey together.  I have received positive feedback on the two exterior naming displays.  There are just a couple of errors that need to be corrected.  If you have not already done so, please take the time to find your name and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
As of November 4, 2021, we have $5,973,423 in pledges; of this amount, $5,834,974 has been paid towards this amount and we have $138,449 remaining to be paid to reach our total goal.
Please note that this $138,449 amount includes gifts that were given from some donors that gave more than originally pledged.  Unfortunately, there is approximately $196,000 that remains uncollected from donors that made a pledge and have not paid in full at this time.  In an effort to illustrate how important this is to the community, if those uncollected pledges were to come in, the bridge loan balance would be reduced to below $0. 
Regarding the bridge loan, the original loan amount was $2,361,000 and we have paid $2,168,258 to date with a remaining balance of $192,741.  For any families that have not completed their 2021 payments, please help us by sending in a payment.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me personally. 
On a sadder note, regarding the passing of member in our community, during the last six years, we received $831,413 through memorials as in lieu of gifts. This is an important part of the money that comes into the church and helps supplement the stewardship collections which at this time are critical.
Since June of 2019, we have been also raising funds for the interior and in essence a separate campaign effort. As of November 4, 2021, we received $1,301,206 in pledges and of this amount, $1,228,596 have been paid by our parishioners. Both efforts have been quite an accomplishment during a pandemic and demonstrated the dedication to the future of our Parish. 
The artisans from Greece and Italy are scheduled to be on-site by the end of November despite the COVID and Visa challenges. They have been busy working on iconography and mosaics, many of which have been shipped to us for storage before install.  As these works get installed and displayed, it should be transformational.
In addition to the outside recognition which includes ALL donors to the Capital Campaign, at any level, so long as their pledge is paid by December 31st, 2021, we are working on a separate Benefactor display.  The location of this display will be on the South wall of the narthex for those families that pledged and are current at levels above $25,000. 
The current number of families that have pledged and are current at or above the $25,000 level is currently 53. For those interested in being a “Benefactor”, it is not too late!  As long as a new pledge is received or upgraded by December 31st, 2021 at our above the $25,000 level, they too will be included. 
The specific categories for the Benefactors are as follows:
Benefactors of Honor               $25,000 - $74,999
Distinguished Benefactor        $75,000 - $149,999
Eminent Benefactor                  $150,000+

For those that are at or near a breakpoint in the levels, a slight increase in giving before the end of the year will secure a larger category on the Benefactor display.
I am very proud of what we all have been able to accomplish as a community.  I want to thank our Parish Council members, donor families, volunteers and staff who have worked so hard over the past six years to get us this far.

Many families have inquired about how they can support our efforts. I simply ask that each family honor their initial pledge or review the remaining interior opportunities that are available on the link below.  If you have questions or comments, please call the Parish office at 727-799-4605.

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