Council of Ministries 

Mission of Council of Ministries
•Decentralizing authority structure
•Artificial restrictions to ministry growth and development are shattered
•Leaving behind fertile fields for innovation and growth

With each New Ministry or Sub-Ministry:
•New leadership position created
•Allows more people to be intimately involved and feel ownership in community
•Creates excitement and a desire to truly be a ministry centered church

Role of Ministry Leaders
•Assist Parish Priest in ministry work of the Parish
•Christ-Centered Servant Leadership: Ministry leaders serve as role models for parishioners and lead by example by attending Church and parish events, taking ministry seriously, and regularly participating in the sacramental life of the Church.
•Mentoring and Succession: Within the Council of Ministries, there are two very important activities needed to continue developing the leadership of its members.

  1. Enhance leadership skills through the mentoring of competent leaders. In order to assist new members as they assume their positions and as ministry leaders, the more experienced members should aid, guide, and encourage these new leaders to assume their responsibilities.
  2. Development of a systematic succession strategy in which each ministry has a chairperson and an assistant (who will eventually become the next chairperson).

The Council of Ministries meets quarterly on the 3rd Thursday of February, May, August, and December.  Each ministry and sub-ministry should send one representative. If someone cannot come, please send someone to represent your group.