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Welcoming Ministry Page

Welcome to Holy Trinity’s Welcoming Ministry.  Our objective is to welcome visitors to the Parish, help them “feel at home” during the worship service, provide them with information about Orthodoxy and the Parish, invite them to Parish activities, and connect them to people of like interest. We provide one of the first impression to new visitors/members which can leave a permanent impression of Holy Trinity.  Our goal is to be warm, embracing, loving and caring with continuity and follow through.

Although the Welcoming Ministry Team consists of Greeters and Cart Drivers, in truth all parishioners of Holy Trinity and Church Organizations are members of our Welcoming Ministry.  

Holy Trinity Greeters are

  • Friendly, warm and welcoming individuals
  • Attend Liturgy on a regular basis
  • For the most part, know our parishioners and can identify visitors to our church
  • Are eager to help service our visitors, guide and answer questions they may have
  • Understand general information about our Orthodox faith
  • Can provide visitors with literature and other information as needed such as our Welcome Packet, Visitor Bio cards, signing Guest book
  • Be a friendly face at Coffee Hour or Parish activities
  • Follow up with new members to help with their transition into our community

Would you like to join our Welcoming Ministry?  Please call Jeanette at the church office 727-799-4605

Here is an excerpt from a parishioner regarding our Welcoming Ministry.

“I drive to church seeking a connection: with God, with the community who worships there, and with the Greek culture with which I want to be joined.  I also seek peace of mind in these troubled times. My soul becomes troubled, and it needs renewal and restoration. It is this rejuvenation of positive energy that I once experienced at church, and I need to fuel that spiritual engine that God has created within each of us so beautifully.  

From the moment I enter the church I search for that connection. A kindly face that recognizes a kindred spirit, the outstretched hand of a possible friend, the whisper of my name or at least an interest in knowing who I am or where I am from all give me hope that I might feel included and accepted at Holy Trinity"

Welcome Ministry News

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”  -Matthew 25:35

The Welcoming Ministry is an essential part of a church’s effort to reach out to visitors and new members. It provides the first impression to a visitor which can leave an indelible impression of the parish. At Holy Trinity we have a dedicated team of Greeters and Cart Drivers who each Sunday act as a representative of Christ greeting His people with love and care as they gather to worship.  

Yet, here at Holy Trinity we are all called to be ambassadors not just our Welcoming Ministry. Here are some ways you can be a part of our ministry.

  1. During the Liturgy as someone enters your row greet them with a warm welcoming smile acknowledging their entrance into God’s House.
  2. Coffee Fellowship is a wonderful opportunity to extend hospitality.  We often only greet people we know but each Sunday Holy Trinity host visitors, new members, Snowbirds, and/or those who are hoping to return to their Orthodox roots. Reach out to the people you do not know by introducing yourself and inviting them to join your table when possible or helping them to connect with other parishioners.
  3. Personally invite new members to participate in our many ministries such as Bible Studies, Philoptochos, Orthodox Men’s Club, Goya, Hope, Joy, Church School, Choir, etc. Sometimes it just takes a phone call to encourage someone to join.
  4. Let the office or Priests know when you have family members visiting   and take time to introduce them to our Holy Trinity community.  

Our objective is to welcome visitors to our Parish, help them feel “at home” during worship service, provide them with information about Orthodoxy and the Parish, invite them to Parish activities, introduce them to people of like interests, invite them back, follow up thanking them for visiting us, and

Identifying ways, we can help them in the future. We want everyone who comes to Holy Trinity to feel welcomed.