Artoklasia - Blessing of the 5 Loaves Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

The Blessing of the Five Loaves of Bread is a brief service of thanksgiving through which we express our gratitude for all the blessings of life. The Blessing of the Loaves is meant to remind the faithful of the miracle of the multiplication of the bread and fish by which Christ fed a vast multitude. It is traditional that oil, wine, wheat and five loaves of sweet bread, as the most basic elements of life, are used in this small prayer service. 
This service is traditionally celebrated during the Vespers Service of a great feast day or at the conclusion of a regular Sunday Divine Liturgy. At the conclusion of the Service, the loaves of bread are cut and distributed to the entire congregation.


If you are planning to have an Artoklasia we ask that the family call the office so that we can notify the Priest and list it in our bulletin. The Office no longer makes the arrangements with Hellas or Manos. The Family must make the arragements and pick up the Artoklasia themselves and bring it the morning of.