Sunday School 

Our Purpose:  Sunday School aspires to teach the youth of our Holy Trinity community about our Orthodox Faith in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit through Bible-based study, Church hymns, Church art, and connections to daily life, so that they will grow to share His Word.  


Sunday School Schedule:  Sunday School students attend the Divine Liturgy in the Chapel, except for the 1st Sunday of the month which is Family Worship in the Main Sanctuary.  The Chapel service is performed in English and begins at 9:30am until approximately 10:30am.  Fr. William will explain various parts of the Divine Liturgy in his weekly sermon.  Following the service, the Sunday School schedule includes grade-level classroom time, snack and fellowship, and a 30-minute special rotation of either Church Music, Church Art, or Orthodox Life.  Sunday School ends at 12:00pm. Sunday School begins Sunday September 11th, we welcome you to join us! 

Primary Contact: Eleni Hytoff (727) 799-4605


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